Monday 10-29-17 Lower Body Workout

Monday's Lower Body Work

1) Do sets of the following:

  • Back Squat "wide stance" 4x6
  • Banded hamstring curls 4x15
  • Pistol Squats 4x12 (6 each side)

*"Wide Stance" go wider than you used to if normally a narrow stance squatter

**scale options:  for pistol squats do a 1 leg squat to a bench at a height you can get up from

2) Then 6 rounds of 30 secs work/ 10 secs rest of the following:

  • air squats
  • 10 meter sprints
  • hanging knee raises

*Note- Before starting the workout, give yourself a 10min dynamic warm up. After workout cool down with stretching


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