GGB Ambassadors


We are opening our Ambassador program and accepting 5 new ambassadors for 2021.  Applications will be accepted through March 31st.

Each of GGB's Ambassadors are selected because they display strength in different areas and because they are willing to go above and beyond to encourage others through their fitness journeys. Garage Gym Barbell was built on the grit of our sport, the real struggles of training, and being approachable to the women and men around us striving for the same goal.

We believe that anyone, anywhere, at any level is capable of starting or continuing their fitness journey…even in their home garage! That's where Garage Gym Barbell began and has continued to grow day after day.

What We Ask From You:

1. Fitness and strength are a priority in your life. GGB's main goal and mission is to reach women of all ages, abilities, and social status to give them the motivation and/or opportunity to learn to be strong in whatever capacity they can. As a brand representative, We want training to be a priority in your life and not just a yearly resolution.

2. Post weekly about your training. You have to be willing to post yourself doing what you love and have a public profile. We want to see and encourage you and, believe or not, others looking will be inspired by consistency in your training. Be sure to tag GGB in these posts so your journey can be shared with our community. 

3.Be a part of our social community. Give back to the GGB community by following, commenting, and liking those that interact on GGB's Instagram and Facebook. That does require a few minutes to view GGB post, see what others are saying, and throw in your two cents. This won't be monitored and trust you will be a genuine supporter.

4. Support GGB's new releases. We are not looking for you to be a cheesy salesperson. Simple as sharing GGB's post in your stories or in your feed is perfect. Of course if your moved for more, We love that too!

5. Identify yourself as a Garage Gym Barbell ambassador in your social media profile "about" section. GGB will support you 100% and ask the same from you in return. Each of you will be receiving your own personalized discount code to share with your followers. *please ensure your profile is Public. 


What We Can Provide to You:

  1. 25% off. As a brand ambassador you will receive 20% off anything you purchase for yourself or as a gift. Many in the past have purchased gifts to send to special friends. What a perfect way to send motivation!
  2. Full support from us at Garage Gym Barbell. GGB will support you to our fullest extent, either in person or social media. Some of the goals for 2021 is to travel and hopefully meet some of you personally. Additionally, our Tribe is growing in number. It's a culture of support and empowering one another. We encourage you to get to know the other ambassadors. The GGB TRIBE is here for you.
  3. Platform for your ideas. Do you have an event, shirt idea, or community service project that you would like GGB's support. Send us a proposal and we will do whatever is in our means to help make it happen.  In the past GGB has donated shirts & sponsored events. The platform and resources are here for you to use in your own local town or gym. Don't hesitate to reach out for support for your ideas.
  4. 10% discount for followers.  You will receive a unique discount code to share with your friends & followers to receive 10% off all orders.

The Garage Gym Barbell has many events that we sponsor through the year and would love to have you be a part of those events whenever possible. Please let us know if you are interested in being a part in any capacity. There's always power in numbers!


Apply to be a GGB Ambassador using the link below. Be creative or simple, we encourage it all. Note your IG Profile must be public. 


GGB Tribe!