Virutal Competition Rules

Garage Gym Barbell PWR LFTR Virtual lift is here!. This is a virtual competition open to lifters of all strength levels and genders competing right in your own garage or local gym.


Virtual competition lifts must be completed on the same day and submitted between May 28th- May 31st


Upload all 9 attempts HERE

  • upload your videos according to the below "Video Submissions" usingthe google form to all 9 lifts (3 squat, 3 bench, 3 deadlift)

Please feel free to ask questions along the way. We're here to help and want to see you have a successful virtual competition!

You'll have from May 31st to complete your virtual competition lifts. All lifts must be completed on the same day. After review of your video submissions of all 9 lifts, your scores will be entered on the competition leader board and results posted.

Uploading your videos. Uploads of your video submissions must be done by May 31st at midnight.


Participants will submit 3 video attempts for each lift (squat, bench press, and deadlift) for a total of 9 video attempts. Videos must be completed on the same day.


Sample video angles that are acceptable presented in this video:

Squat- HERE. Be sure we can see your full body and weight in the video with hip crease at the bottom of the lift.

Bench- HERE Be sure we can see your full body and weight in the video with nothing blocking the view of bar at chest

Deadlift- HERE Be sure we can see your full body and weight in the video.


Qualification for squat

  • The lifter must be motionless with knees locked out before starting the lift
  • The lifter must get depth with the top surface of the hip below the top surface of the knees
  • The lifter must stand with knees locked out and motionless before racking the barbell

Qualification for bench press

  • After removing the bar from the rack, with or without the help of the spotter, the lifter must have fully locked out arms with elbows locked, and may begin the press as soon as the lifter is motionless. Spotter must not touch the bar after handoff
  • The bar must pause and be motionless on the chest before the lifter begins to press
  • The lifter must show control, arms fully locked out, and is motionless before racking the bar
  • The butt must stay in contact with the bench from Lift off of the barbell until the completion of the lift

Qualification for deadlift

  • The lifter must have the knees locked out in a straight position and the shoulders back
  • The lifter may not use a hitching motion during the lift
  • The lifter must be motionless before returning the bar to the floor
  • The lifter must keep hands on the bar during the lower until it's completely resting on the floor (no dropping)


  • The participant must provide a video of him/her standing on the scale using a Time Stamp mobile application
  • Video can be taken by another person zooming in showing lifters feet and weight clearly displayed


  • Video explanation and demonstrations of how to set up your camera will be provided to all registered lifters
  • All 9 lift attempts must be uploaded to our google forms. Link provided above
  • All 9 lifts (including missed attempts) should be submitted
  • The camera should be at an approximately knee-hip height
  • Include the entire lift in video, from the start of the set-up to the time the hands have left the bar once it is safely in the rack or on the floor
  • Ensure that lighting in the room provides proper visibility
  • Ensure that bar load can be seen
  • Ensure that the entire body is in view
  • Video must be taken at knee-hip height from a 30-40 degree angle from lifter


You can compete in the open class with all ages or enter within your specific age category. As this competition grows, we'll add more divisions.


  • male or female

Age divisions

  • Open 18-80+
  • Sub masters 35-39yrs
  • Masters 40yrs +

Weight divisions

  • 132lbs & below
  • 148lbs
  • 165lbs
  • 181lbs
  • 198lbs
  • SHW (198.1 +)


  • Singlets are optional to wear. However, if you choose not to wear a singlet, you must wear shorts that hit 2 inches above the knee and must not touch knee sleeves
  • Lifting belts, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps are allowed to be worn
  • Not allowed are the use of lifting straps or knee wraps


Since this is a virtual meet, we're asking for participants in this competition to uphold the values of honesty and good sportsmanship by adhering as best as possible.


This event is free and there will be no awards given except for bragging rights! LOL that's pretty big!