Garage Gym Barbell 3-21-18 Lower body

Strength work:
  • Box Squat 5x5x55% + 25% chain or band tension;
  • Deficit (2in) deadlift 5x2x50% +30% band tension or chains

* keep rest at 60secs between sets of squats then quickly move to your deadlifts

Conditioning work: 

8 rounds or 18mins of:

  • 8 Thrusters 65lbs *scale weight as needed
  • 8 hand release push ups
  • 8 jumping lunges

Auxiliary work:

*auxiliary work can be done before or after the conditioning work. It may also be done as a separate workout later in the day. 

  • 3x8-10 seated goodmornings
  • 3x6-8 barbell rows
  • 3x6-8 single leg deadlifts (each leg)
  • 3x10 banded kettlebell swings


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