Garage Gym Barbell 2-26-18 Max Effort Lower Body

1) Max Effort Box Squat below parallel

  • For max effort, warm up then work up to a heavy 1 rep. This does not always need to be a PR. shoot for 90-105%
  • We are starting a new 3 week waive. 1st week- below parallel, 2nd week parallel, 3rd week above parallel.
  • be sure to log your max effort lifts
  • If you have a specialty bar available..use the same bar for the next 3 weeks (ex. safety squat bar, camber bar, duffalo bar..etc)
  • Beginners: stay light and work on form OR only work up to a 3 or 5 rep.

2) Goodmornings 5x6-8 Ultra Wide Stance

3) Then 4 rounds of:

  • 8 Squat Clean @80%
    • lower weight if needed and/or scale to front squats only
  • 20 box jumps
    • scale to ball slams or jump rope if needed
  • 20 weighted walking lunges

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