9-8-20 Max Effor upper body

9-8-20 Max Effor upper body

Main work

  • Work up to a 1 rep max close grip "REVERSE BAND" bench
    Read here about reverse band and how to attach HERE
    If you don't have a power rack to attach bands at the top, substitute today's work with a 2 board press (tip: use a yoga block on your chest if you don't have a board to use)
  • Bench 3x6x75% of your 1 rep max
    Your choice of grip
  • JM press 5x5 heavy HERE
    If this movement hurts your elbows, sub with heavy skull crushers

Auxiliary work

  • lat pull downs 5x12
    If you don't have a lat pull down machine, do these banded
  • db lateral side raises 5x12
  • banded tricep pull downs 2x100
  • banded facepulls 1x100
  • banded chest supported rows 1x100


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