9-3-20 Volume lower body

9-3-20 Volume lower body

Warm up
2-3 rounds of:

  • 10 back extension or reverse hyper
  • 20 med ball goodmornings
  • 50 banded walks

Main work

  • Squats 6x3x75%
    Be sure to record your squat from the side to make sure you're hitting depth. If you're new, nursing an injury and need to stay higher, switch to a high box squat
  • Deadlifts 5x8x65% or less
    These should feel moderate with good speed. Think of exploding through the middle part of the lift to lockout. Today, speed > than the weight on the bar. If it moves too slow, lower the bar weight.

Auxiliary work

  • Reverse hyper 3x20 - light
  • back extension or GHD 3x12-15 holding weight *see below for substitutions
  • banded hamstring curls 1x100
  • 5 trips sled drag- moderate weight *see below for substitutions
    1 trip= (8 ways of GGB gym or 150meters)

Training notes:
Back extension & revere hyper: If you don't have access to a back extension or reverse hyper machine sub with the following:

  • seated goodmorning w/rounded back 3x20 holding light med ball
  • DB stiff leg deadlift 3x12-15 - light/moderate weight

Sled drag: if you don't have a sled, sub today's work with:

  • 5x60 banded walks
  • 5x30 banded abductors

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