9-28-20 Lower body deload

9-28-20 Lower body deload

"Weak things break"

- Louie Simmons, Westside Barbell

Deload week

This week will be a deload week to prepare us for testing our maxes for squat, bench & deadlift. Peaking for a powerlifting meet or for testing your max lifts, means that we program training so that the lifter is at their best physically & mentally and able to demonstrate maximal strength and/or power. We do this by decreasing/tapering volume and intensity in both auxiliary and main lifts as we get closer to meet day. We are only days away from testing our maxes and it can sometimes be the hardest mentally. If you plan to test your maxes this Friday with us, I encourage you to stick to the light training week.  Read more about "Peaking for a meet" HERE.

Main work

  • Squats 3x3x60%
    Stay very light and practice form
  • back extension or GHD 1X20
  • reverse hyper 1x20
  • sled 10 mins- light/moderate

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