For some of you online, these challenge workouts were just a breeze .. for the local tribe, it challenged us to move faster.  I loved seeing everyone's posts and I hope you were able to connect with someone new through this challenge.  We are all in this together and need to keep motivating each other... even if we never meet in person.
      Strength is a medicine, our salvation, a release and for many has "saved" us from the pressures we face within ourselves.  We need this.. and staying motivated is the key. That motivation can be as simple as watching someone you can relate to accomplish a goal or it can be a comment you give to another Sister of Iron. Continue to give your motivation freely to others. I promise it will come back to you in when you need it the most!


      Warm up
      3 rounds of:

      • lots of banded shoulder mobility - mini band Y's, banded pass thru's, banded pull aparts, banded shoulder press
      • 6 banded kneeling woodchops (each side)
      • 8 reverse hyper or back ext

      Main Work

      Option 1)

      • Work up to a 1rep max floor press

      Option 2) for those that don't have access to a bar/rack

      • 3x "max reps" DB floor press *warm up to a weight you feel you might get 8-10 reps with then do 3 rounds as many reps as possible


      Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 mins of:

      • 6 DB power snatches right 45lb HERE
      • 6 DB power snatches left 45lbs
      • 8 Toes to bar
      rest 2 mins, then complete as many rounds as possible in 5mins of:
      • 10 push press @40% of your 1rm  HERE
      • 10 push ups

      rest  2 mins, then complete as many rounds as possible in 5mins of:

      • 8 hang power cleans @40% of your 1rm HERE
      • 8 DB floor presses 45lbs

      training notes:
      scale this workout as needed for your body and equipment available. Ideally you will want to shoot for 3-4 rounds on each 5 min workout. 

      toe to bar: use ab straps if your hands can't tolerate the holding the bar.. hands can be sensitive if you've done deadlifts in the last few days. Substitute with another ab movement if needed.

      push press: if the technique throws you off, switch this to a regular strict press and lower the weight on the bar

      hang power cleans: if you don't have access to a bar, use dumbbells


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