9-22-20 Max effort upper body

9-22-20 Max effort upper body

We have a lot of work today so if you're running short on time, split this workout up into 2 workouts doing a smaller one later in the day.

Warm up

  • take a few mins to warm up shoulder, abs, and back. It's important to have your back warmed up well for bench

Main work

  • Work up to a 1 rep max floor press
  • floor press 3x6x75% of 1 rep max today

Auxiliary work

  • db bench press 3x8 - heavy
    Take a warm up set if you need to find the right weight. Make sure all 3 working sets are heavy
  • jm press 5x5 - heavy
    If this movement hurts your elbows, sub with a barbell skull crusher. If you're unable to use the barbell for skull crushers switch to db and increase reps
  • lat pull downs 5x8 - heavy
  • db lateral side raises 5x12 - moderate
  • db shoulder press 5x8- heavy
  • banded tricep pull downs 2x100

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