9-2-21 THURSDAY lower body

9-2-21 THURSDAY lower body

For beginners or those with limited equipment

*note- first number is the sets or rounds - next number is the reps

  • Sumo stance DB or KB deadlift 4x10
  • Banded standing abduction 4x20 each side
  • Med ball goodmornings 4x15-20
  • "superman" with glute flex on bench 4x10
  • Tabata 6 rounds of 20 secs work/10 secs rest:
    • leg lowers
    • toe taps

For those with more equipment

  • Start to get warm up in the quads and explosiveness
    5x5 box jumps moderate height. These can be step ups or jump to a very low plate
  • Box Squat 6x4x50% + 25% bands or chains
  • Speed deadlift pulls (competition stance) from pins at mid shin 6x4x45% + bands
  • Banded hamstring curls 3x60
  • Reverse hyper 3x15-20 moderate weight
  • Abs 1x100

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