9-18-19 Back, abs & booty

Warm up

3 rounds "lots" of:

  • forward fold- up dog- down dog
  • runners lunge hold (each side)
  • leg swings
then, 3 rounds of:
  • 10 banded pull aparts
  • 10 banded standing rows
  • 20-30 barbell only rows
Main work
  • Barbell Row 5x6-8 *warm up to find a weight you can complete all reps
Auxiliary work
  • landmine rows 4x12-15
  • lat pull down 4x12-15
  • DB bent over row 4x12-15
  • banded sit ups 4x12-15
then, complete the following:
  • 60 accumulative pull ups *see notes below
end with:
  • 50 banded donkey kicks each side
  • 50 banded lying glute thrusters
  • 25 single leg elevated glute thrusters each side
Training notes:
Lat pull downs: if you don't have a lat pull down machine, use bands attached to a high bar and pull downward.
Pull ups: the pull ups are accumulative, each time you drop, hold a 40 sec plank hold. Keep repeating until you reach 60 pull ups.
Scale your pull up as needed: banded strict pull up, inverted pull up, or ring rows.  If you don't have a pull up bar or ring rows, substitute 5x8 bent over db rows with a 3 sec slow negative.  Note- if the scale you choose is moderately easy, double the rep number from 60 to 120 in order to get a good amount of work in.  Only you can decide if the work is easy or hard.

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