9-16-19 Heavy lower body & Challenge Workout #7

9-16-19 Heavy lower body & Challenge Workout #7
If you are following only the September "Challenge Accepted" workouts, skip the "Main Work" and "Auxiliary" work and move to the "CHALLENGE WORKOUT #7"
Video demonstrations will be posted on our instagram @garagegymbarbell_training

Log your time for "funsies"

Warm up
3 rounds of:

  • 50 banded walks (25 forward- 25 backward)
  • 30 banded seated abductors
  • hip opener of choice *choose any hip opener you prefer (eg. swan pose, childs pose..) Link for ideas HERE

Main Work

Option 1)

  • Squat 5x3x70% *on your 5th set do an amrap of as many reps as possible but Do NOT go to failure and If your form breaks down, stop and rack the bar.

Option 2) for those with limited equipment or beginners

  • DB front squats to a box 5x6-8 *on your 5th set do an amrap. Be sure to watch proper box squat form HERE

Challenge Workout #7

pre challenge workout warm-up:

  • deadlift 3x10  add weight slowly and get to your workout weight.
  • box jumps 3x3 find your box height you want to use in the workout.
  • kb swings 3x6 work up and warm up to your kb weight used in your workout

as many rounds as possible in 17mins of:

  • 10 deadlifts @ 50% of your 1rm
  • 8 burpee to box jump 20inch
  • 8 KB swings 44-65lbs

Set a proficiency goal of completing 5 rounds in the 17mins. If you find you are moving slowing, reduce the deadlift, kb weight, and or choose a lower box height. 

If you need rest, try to take it between rounds and be rested for restarting deadlifts 

Training notes
deadlifts: Choose either sumo or conventional for this workout as you prefer. If you're are new to deadlifts, substitute this movement with DB's. Watch video instruction for the DB deadlift HERE.

BE CONSERVATIVE with your deadlift weight. If you haven't maxed out in a while and unsure of your max, go by feel and use a light/medium weight. You should be able to get all 10 reps without stopping on your first round.

burpee box jump: These can be fun because the jump breaks up the burpee just enough to make it bearable ;) If you need to scale your burpees.. you can elevate your burpee on a box or stacked plates. The jump may be replaced with a step up.

KB swing: Today's swings are nice and heavy! You don't have to do a bottoms up overhead. KB weight is just Heavy! so pick a weight that is heavy to you. Here are the recommended weights..

44lbs for under 140 & 160 bodyweight
65lbs for over 180 bodyweight

If you have a touchy back with this movement be sure to keep your kb weight light. If you don't have KB you can use a DB by holding the head of one end.  Video demonstration HERE

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