9-15-20 Upper body

9-15-20 Upper body

Warm up
Today is a light recovery day. Don't take the day off but you won't need to go maximum for the work. It's also a good day to make up any of yesterday's work if you didn't have time to get it all done.

  • Yoga flow
  • 20 med ball goodmornings
  • 50 banded walks
  • 50 banded abductors
  • 20 barbell only bench press

Main work

  • Bench 3x3x60%
    Stay light and practice form and commands. We are taking a slight deload today to prepare for next week's max effort floor press and it's important to stick to the percentages

Auxiliary work

  • 5x12 lat pull downs - light
  • 5x12 tricep rollbacks light/moderate
  • 5x12 hammer curls- moderate
  • 5x12 db lateral side raises- light/moderate
  • 1x100 banded tricep pull downs
  • 1x100 chest supported rows
  • 1x50 banded single arm pull downs (each side)

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