9-13-19 Challenge Workout #6

9-13-19 Challenge Workout #6
  • If you are following only the September "Challenge Accepted" workouts, skip the "Main Work" and "Auxiliary" work and move to the "CHALLENGE WORKOUT"
Video demonstrations will be posted on our instagram @garagegymbarbell_training

Log your time for "funsies"

Warm up
3 rounds of:

  • 3 forward fold- up dog - down dog
  • runners lunge hold each side
  • hip opener *choose any hip opener you prefer (eg. swan pose, childs pose..) Link for ideas HERE

then, 3 rounds of:

  • 10 ball slams
  • 30 sec wall sit

Main Work
*the main work will have 3 options for those with limited equipment & beginners

Option 1)

  • Squats 8x3x70%
  • Deadlifts 6x3x50% + bands
  • reverse hyper 4x12-15

Option 2) for those with limited equipment

  • Squats 8x3x70%
  • Deadlifts 6x3x70%
  • back extension 4x12-15

Option 3) for those without a barbell/rack or beginners

  • DB box squats 4x6 *watch video for proper box squat form HERE
  • DB stiff leg deadlifts 4x8-10

Challenge Workout #6
complete the following:

  • 21 DB front squats 30lbs
  • 10 box jumps 20 inches
  • 50 meter suit case carry left & right side *see weights below
  • 15 DB front squats 30lbs
  • 10 box jumps 20 inches
  • 50 meter suit case carry left & right side
  • 9 DB front squats 30lbs
  • 10 box jumps 20 inches
  • 50 meter suit case carry left & right side

    training notes:
    DB front squats:
    reduce db weight as needed

    Box jumps: reduce height if needed. Using low bumper plates is a great alternative to use as a "box" especially if your new to the movement or nervous of failing. Another option we love to use are "lateral skater jumps" see video here

    Suit case carry: Suit case carry's are much like a regular farmer carry however you're holding weight only on one side. It challenges the obliques more than regular FC.  The distance is 50 meters for right side & 50 meters for left side


    • Brace your core and glutes and drive through the floor to lift the weight
    • Straighten your posture, get tall, look straight ahead
    • Take small, quick steps

    recommended weight: this is only a recommendation. If you're new to this movement, beginner, or your body weight is higher and your strength level is lower, use a lower weight that you feel comfortable with.

    • 85lbs for body weight under 140lbs
    • 105lbs for body weight under 160lbs
    • 120lbs for body weight over 180lbs
    • beginners try 45lbs 

    If you don't have farmer handles, use the heaviest DB you have. If you don't have a heavy enough db to make this challenging for you.. do a regular farmer carry holding 2 weights each hand.


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