9-12-19 upper body

    Warm up
    3 rounds of:

    • mini band shoulder warm up- spread aparts,
    • 1o'clock, 3o'clock, 4o'clock motion each side *hands on the wall or floor
    • 20 banded tricep pull downs

    Main Work:

    • Bamboo bar presses 4x6 work up in weight *if you don't have a bamboo bar, use a regular barbell with kb attached with mini stretch bands.
      *if you don't have mini bands, just do a strict press with a regular bar

    Auxiliary Work:

    • DB lateral raises 5x8-10 *last set go to failure
    • DB shoulder press 5x8-10 *last set go to failure
    • Barbell or DB upright row to front raise 5x8-10 *last set only go to failure on the upright row

    then, 5 rounds tabata 30 secs, 15 secs rest of:

    • box dips
    • handstand shoulder taps *scale to plank shoulder taps
    • elevated mtn climbers

    then, end with 100 banded tricep pull downs

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