8-6-20 Volume lower body

Main work

    • Box squats 12x2x80%
      Note- if your speed is slow then lower the weight so you can move quickly from the box. Speed>weight for today.
    • 3-5 rounds of:

      • (7-10 second) isometric deadlift holds @70% - below knees
      • 6 box jumps
      • rest 30-60 secs between rounds

    Training notes
    We are increasing slightly this week on percentage. Don't go max time, stick to 7-10 secs only and move on.
    Iso hold deads: Read more info HERE
    70% or less bar weight - press into the pins and hold giving max effort push into the pins for 5 secs.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE COMPETING OCT 1ST- we are going to find our max deadlift. Anyone who is not competing is also welcome to pull your max today as well, just keep in mind that if you haven't had adequate recovery you may not be at your full potential today. Caution when pulling your max deadlift: Remember, there is nothing worth getting an injuiry for in training. If you feel like it hurts, STOP, and just move on.

Do the max deadlift first then, if you still have anything left to give, do the box squats.


Auxiliary work

  • Banded hamstring curls 3x30
  • weighted walking lunges 3x12
  • landmine curtsy lunge 3x8-10 each side HERE
  • calf raises 3x30


6 rounds tabata 30 secs work/ 10 secs rest of:

  • alternating V-ups
  • overhead plate sit ups  (hold plate overhead and reach for the ceiling as you sit up)
  • lateral box jumps

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