8-29-19 Volume Lower Body

Warm up

We are literally just days away from completing the booty Bootcamp, hang in there my peaches =)

3 rounds

  • 14 hip thrusters w/3 sec hold
  • 12 fire hydrants
  • 12 diagonal leg raises
  • 12 curtsy to pulse (1 curtsy to 3 pulses)

Main Work

  • Squat 12x2x75% *no box today
  • Deadlifts 8x2x50% + 25% chains or band tension

Auxiliary work

  • "The Hangover" {goodmoring to squat to seated goodmorning to standing} 4x6-8
  • Bulgarian split squats 4x6 each side
  • Banded sit ups 4x15-20
Training comments:
"The Hangover" (I made that name up) is a new movement we are introducing. Take your time and just start with the bar. If it feels good, move up in weight.
Squats are "no box" today!! It's been a while so warm up and get your confidence back. Stick with 12x2 rep scheme and as always, lower the weight if it feels "heavy"
Both squats & deads should move quickly, if your speed is slow or weight is too heavy, lower it.

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