8-27-20 Lower body

8-27-20 Lower body

Warm up
In addition to the below, take a few mins to warm up any stiff areas in your body. Avoid deep stretching but rather dynamic movements like Yoga flows to bring blood flow to those areas.

3 rounds of:
  • 20 med ball goodmornings
  • 20 banded hamstring curls


Note regarding programming:
Today there will be a different workout for the ones competing and an alternative for everyone else. This is only because our space is small and there isn't enough time in the morning for everyone to have an opportunity to use the sled and back extension machine. If you're not competing but would still like to do the sled option, please come later in the day. You're always welcome anytime.


Main work

  • deadlifts 8x1x70% - add chains or bands if it feels light and moves fast
    •If you are competing Oct 3rd, use the axel bar today if possible

Conditioning work

6 rounds with little rest of:

  • 5 power cleans
  • 6 deadlifts
  • 7 box jumps

then, 8 rounds tabata 20 secs work/10 secs rest of:

  • weighted sit up
  • plank hold

••Competing Oct 3rd- this is your workout•• It's going to take patience, teamwork and coordination with each other because we are limited on space and equipment. Suggestion, lets talk with EVERYONE involved prior to starting and create groups.

  • 8 trips sled drag- heavy with little rest
  • 1x100 back extension
  • 8 rounds tabata 20 secs work/10 secs rest of:
    • weighted sit up
    • plank hold

Training notes:
Sled drag- 1 trip= 4 down & back of our gym. Partner up with 2 people and take turns until you've completed 8 rounds
Back extension- use bodyweight only. Partner up with 2-3 people and take turns with sets of 20.


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