8-19-19 Max effort lower body

We are on week 4 of our booty BOOTCAMP and almost to the finish line. This week the rounds increase to 3 with a few changes to the reps and movements. Be sure to keep modifying as needed to get through them. 
August Booty BOOTCAMP 
3rounds of: 
  • 12 hip thrusters 
  • 10 fire hydrants 
  • 10 diagonal leg raises 
  • 10 jump squats 


  • Work up to a heavy (around 90%) 1 rep Goodmorning from pins *if your new to this movement keep the weight light and practice the movement

Auxiliary Work

  • WIDE stance banded box squats 4x10 *make sure to sit all your weight on the box (don’t just tap with booty) and sit deep on the box with an almost “vertical shin” 
  • single leg db deadlifts 4x10 each leg
  • Banded hamstring curls 4x20
  • landmine front squats 4x10


then 6 rounds of tababa 20secs work/10 secs rest 

  • Lateral skater box jumps or regular box jumps 
  • Sit ups
  • russian twist 

*note- conditioning can be done as 2nd workout later in your day

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