8-16-21 TUESDAY upper body volume

8-16-21 TUESDAY upper body volume

Main work

  • Bench 8x3x50% + bands
  • then a top set Bench close grip 2x8
    increase 5lbs from last week

Auxiliary work

  • Flat DB press 3x "max reps" rest 2 mins between sets
  • pull ups 5x5
  • DB bent over row 3x10 each arm
  • Decline DB rollback extensions 3x8-10
  • heavy cable tricep pushdown 3x20
  • plank hold 3x1:00 min


Strength camp class beginners

  • Bench press 4x10
    learning basics
  • Barbell shoulder press 5x5
  • Incline DB press 3x12
  • DB tricep roll backs 3x10-12
  • cable tricep pushdown 3x20
  • Then 3 rounds of:
    30 secs plank hold
    30 sec leg lowers
    30 sec sit ups

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