8-14-19 conditioning

Warm up 

3 rounds of:

  • forward fold- up dog - down dog
  • lunge twist each side 
  • hip openers 
  • 12-15 banded face-pulls

Then, Choose a light DB to warm up to your DB you’ll use in your workout. 

3 rounds of: 

  • 5 burpees
  • 5 push ups
  • 5 DB front squats 


Today’s conditioning is from Crossfit.com WOD from 8-11-19. Beginners scale to 4-6 rounds - scale burpees to bench or box

 10 rounds of: 

  • 30 secs burpees 
  • 30 secs rest 
  • 30 secs DB thrusters 
  • 30 secs rest 

RX weight 30lb 

options for DB 25lb, 15lb, 12lb 

count your reps each rounds and compare to the world here

Scaling info on this WOD from Crossfit.com...

“INJURY SCALE: Upper-body injury - run sub for burpees, one-arm thrusters Middle body injury - push-ups for burpees, regular squats or bike for thrusters Lower-body injury - kipping pull-ups for burpees, handstand push-ups for thrusters”

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