7-9-20 Volume lower body

Main work

  • Box squats 12x2x55% + 25% chain or band tension
    If you don't have access to bands or chains for accommodating resistance, use 80% straight bar weight. These should NOT be slow, your working on speed so if the weight is too heavy causing you to move slower.
    *The percentage is based off your Box squat 1 rep max (below parallel), if you don't know your box squat 1 rep max, use your regular squat max MINUS 20%.
  • Deadlifts 8x2x80%

*if you feel strong today, work up to a heavy 1-2 rep(s) on your last sets of either squats/and or deads. Take this by feel, if it feels too heavy just stick to the program.

Auxiliary work
Complete 4 rounds with as little rest as possible of:

  • DB reverse lunges 3x6 each side- moderate/heavy
  • DB step ups 3x12 moderate
  • 6 Hanging leg raises or toes to bar


For time:

  • 40 burpees

If you're unable to complete burpees, sub with 100 sit ups

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