7-3-20 Upper body

Main work

  • Speed Bench 9x3x50% + 1 band or 20% chain tension
    Suggested bar weight is 50% but some of you are new to speed work and will need to find the right weight that you can move these quickly. REMEMBER, this is speed strength we're working on..Don't go so heavy that these move slow.

    After a good warm up, you'll do 3 wide (stay on the bench) and rest 10 secs, 3 narrow, then 3 medium grip. If your speed slows down, lower the weight.

Auxiliary work

  • Incline DB bench 3x12
    stay on this movement for all 3 sets before moving on
  • landmine row 3x12-14
  • bicep curls 3x14
  • Around the world side raises 3x8
    1 rep = tap low, tap mid, tap high
    sit on a box with db's at your side. Tap low at knees and return to side, tap mid at chest and return to side, tap above head and return to side. That is all ONE rep. (video will be posted in the morning)

Finish with:

  • 100 laying banded pull aparts (lay on a bench and do the band pull apart, squeeze upper back)
  • 50 push ups
    you can break these up in any combination you like... pick your poison.

Optional if time or can be done as a second workout later in the day

8 rounds tabata 20 secs work/ 10 secs rest of:

  • Handstand hold
  • Sit ups

Training notes:
Handstand holds: scale these with knees or feet on a box if needed OR sub with overhead db holds, bamboo bar overhead holds, or bottoms up kb holds

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