7-28-20 Max Effort Upper Body

Main work

  • Bench Work up to a 1 rep max using the slingshot
    If you don't have a slinghot, substitute with reverse band max or board press max.
  • Jm presses 3x6-8 HERE
    If you struggle with elbow pain on the JM press, sub this movement with a lighter DB skull crusher
    "the JM press is like the bench press & a skull crusher had a baby" ;)

Auxiliary work

  • DB lateral side raises 4x10-12 (do these with a chain for "chain side raises" if you have access to them). Stay on this movement before moving to next. keep rest short at 15 secs between sets.
  • banded single arm reverse fly 3x12-15 each side (set band shoulder height-focus on the squeeze in the back of the shoulder- hold for 1-2 sec)
  • banded tricep pull downs 1x100
  • banded side raises 1x100 (light band - each side)


5 rounds with no rest of:

  • 10 chest supported seated rows
  • 10 wide grip lat pull downs


8 rounds tabata 20 secs work/10 secs rest of:

  • slow leg lower (for more intensity, reach toes to ceiling and lift hips at the top of the movement)
  • plant slide through (use sliders if you have them)



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