7-19-21 MAX EFFORT lower

7-19-21 MAX EFFORT lower

Main work

  • Seated goodmorning 1x5
    Work up to a heavy 5 rep - use camber bar or SSB if you have available. If you have any impingement in this movement, substitute with regular goodmornings


  • Back ext or GHD raise against bands 4x8
  • Hack squat 4x8
    sub with landmine hack squat for those working in your garage gym
  • Reverse hyper 3x20@70% of your deadlift
  • decline sit up 4x15 holding plate or weight at chest
    incline your bench and have a partner hold knees or feet
  • End with:
    • Sled drag pull throughs 6x1 trip of gym or 100feet
      holding straps in hands, bent over, straight arms between your legs, pull through positition



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