7-24-21 Dynamic effort upper

7-24-21 Dynamic effort upper

Main work

  • Bench comp grip 6x6
    sub with regular bar if you don't have a specialty bar. We will be increasing 5lbs bar weight each week. If you get to a week where you fail on this set, change your grip and rep scheme (choose from 8 reps, 5 reps, or 3 reps) and decrease your initial starting weight by about 10% of what you failed at. **FOR EXAMPLE: If you come to a week where you fail, making only 6 of your 8 reps at 100 lbs. comp grip, the following week switch your grip to medium grip (or whatever the opposite comp grip for you) for 5 reps and lower your starting weight to 90lbs. Follow this procedure for when you fail at 5 reps by going to 3 reps at wide grip.
  • Top Set: Close grip Bench 2x8
    Warm up to find your top set of 8. Start around 75%
  • Incline press 1x8
    build to your heavy 8 reps in 3-4 total sets)

Auxiliary work

  • Landmine t-bar row 3x10
  • Single arm seated low rows 3x10 each side
  • Decline DB rollback extensions 3x12
  • Cable tricep pushdown 4x15
  • Core/abs:
    • chinese plank- weighted
  • End with:



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