7-23-21 Dynamic Effort lower

7-23-21 Dynamic Effort lower

Main work

  • Foam Box Squat w/specialty bar 10x2x50% + 25% band tension
  • Squats 2x5x60%
    we will be increasing weight by 2-2.5% each week. When you come to a week where you fail, the following week you will decrease reps to 2 sets of 3 reps, continuing to increase weight each week. When you come to a week where you fail your sets of 3, deload for the next lower body workout.
  • Speed pulls - Competition stance deadlift 10x2x45% +20% chains

Auxiliary work

  • 3x8 SSB stationary lunge position goodmornings + band tension from front
  • 3x15 barbell hip thrust
  • Core/abs
    • 4x20 cable crunches
  • Finisher
    • 1x400meters sled drag @15% of deadlift 1rm + back loaded SSB

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