7-23-20 Lower Body Volume

Warm up

  • 20 glute kick backs each side
  • 2 yoga- forward fold • updog • down dog • swan
  • 40 sit ups
  • any additional hip or mobility movements you specifically need

Main work
Deload week: We start a new 3 week cycle next week for squats. Take this week as a small deload/recovery week and be ready to kill our max effort monday!

  • Squats 3x3x70%
  • Back rack reverse lunges 3x6 each side
    Keep rest short between sets. If you're struggling with lunges, use DB or bodyweight. If you're nursing any knee injuries, sub this movement with single leg deadlifts

Auxiliary work

  • Sled drag 1x5mins
  • Barbell or DB sissy squat 3x10-12 (close stance with heels elevated) moderate/heavy
  • banded hamstring curls 3x30
  • back ext or reverse hyper 3x12-15


3-5 rounds of:

  • 3 (5 second) isometric deadlift holds - below knees
  • 6 box jumps
  • rest 30-60 secs between rounds

Training notes
Iso hold deads: Read more info HERE
50% or less bar weight - press into the pins and hold giving max effort push into the pins for 5 secs.

Box jumps: immediately go from your deadlifts to box jumps

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