6-4-21 FRIDAY max effort upper

6-4-21 FRIDAY max effort upper

Main work

  • Bench from pins 3x1x90% or new max
    Set pins 3 inches from chest
  • Close grip bench 4x6x70%- last round do an amrap if it feels good
    For anyone with shoulder issues- use a slingshot or block to avoid shoulder irritation
  • Strict press 3x3x80%

Auxiliary work

  • Superset:
    • 12 db lateral side raises
    • 40 banded rear delt fly
  • Tricep- your choice of movement- heavy 3x6-8
  • Lat pull down 3x8-10
  • barbell rows 3x12-14 moderate

    Take a warm up set to find working weight. Feel the burn & make these count!
  • DB bicep curls 3x12-14
  • 1x100 banded tricep pull downs

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