6-4-20 Volume Lower Body

Main Work

  • Squats 12x2x60% + bands 25% band or chain tension
    if you don't have bands or chains, sub with 12x2x85%, This is heavy at full weight, so lower the weight if you need. They should be speedy.
  • Rack pull 6x2x80%
    if you don't have a rack to use for pulls, raise barbell with weights or small boxes to pull from 2 in below the knees.

Auxiliary work

  • Reverse hyper or back ext 3x10-12
    if you don't have either sub with light to moderate goodmornings
  • banded hamstring curls 3x30

Garage Gym "Carly"

Complete the following in any rep scheme you choose:

  • 50 Front squats @40%
  • 100 walking lunges

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