6-22-21 TUESDAY upper body

6-22-21 TUESDAY upper body

Main work

  • Bench from pins 3 inches from chest 3x1x90% or above
  • Close grip 4x6x75%
  • wide grip 1x20
    pay attention to your shoulders, if either (close or wide) grip irritates your shoulder, switch to board press, use a slingshot or change grip to alleviate

Auxiliary work

  • Tricep overhead work 4x8-10 moderate
  • Lat pull down 4x8-10 moderate
  • landmine row 4x8-10
  • DB incline rear delt fly 4x8-10
  • banded tricep pulldown 2x50
    use a lighter band so you can keep going without breaking through 50
  • banded hamstring curls 1x100
  • med ball goodmornings 1x100

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