6-17-20 Girls Gone RX workout


Today & tomorrow will be the 2nd part of the Girls Gone RX. Make sure to scroll below for more work.  NOTE: we just did a max 1 rep deadlift, if you need more recovery, only do the second part and do the 7 rep max deadlift tomorrow.

"GGS 19.5 Silver Bullet"

  • 7- Rep Max Deadlift

Workout Instructions

*2019 Garage Gym Series workout repeat (GGS19.5)! Lets see those PR’s from all the hard work this last year!

Athletes will pick a barbell from the ground and stand up finishing with hip and knees fully extended and shoulders behind the plane of the barbell for 1 repetition. This is a traditional deadlift with hands outside the body, Sumo deadlifts will not be allowed. Athletes may not re-grip the barbell during the 7 repetitions. Athletes may use overhand, or switch grip, but no straps are allowed. 

*Collars must be used.

*No knee wraps, or powerlifting suits may be used. Knees sleeves are allowed.

*Weight jumps must be a minimum of 1lb. 

*For scoring purposes, a 20kg barbell is equal to 45lbs and a 15kg barbell is equal to 35lbs. Use conversion chart for LB/KG on the scorecard.

*Video submission must show clearly the weight of the barbell, weights of each plate on the barbell, and filmed so that the standards are easily judged. 

*Score: Load on barbell (No multiplication)


Auxiliary/recovery work

Complete 3 rounds of:

  • 2 min sled drag light/moderate weight
  • 2 min jump rope or practice double unders
  • 10-12 reverse hyper
  • 25 calf raises



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