6-16-20 Volume Upper Body

6-16-20 Volume Upper Body

This week we are changing the day of our max effort day from Tuesday to Friday to anticipate a max upper movement from Girls Gone RX.



Main work

  • Bench Volume 5x5x80% plus 5lbs
    Note regarding +5lbs: last tuesday we did an amrap at 80%. This week we are adding 5lbs. If you're unable to add 5lbs stick to 80%
  • Strict press 3x10 @60-70% of your 1rep max
    take a few sets to warm up to your working weight, then all sets at the same weight.
  • Lateral side raises 3x10-12
    Use chains for today if possible. If you don't have chains, use dumbbells.
    Stay on this movement for all 3 rounds before moving on to the next movement. Keep rest at 15-30 secs between sets.
  • DB skull crushers 3x12-14
    Take a warm up set if needed. Find a weight that challenges you on the last 3-4 reps
    Super set this movement with the banded tricep pull downs
  • banded tricep pull downs 3x30



  • Power snatch
  • box jumps

Training notes:
Power snatch- if you're not comfortable with form or weight is low on this movement, sub this with a power clean & press. Recommended weight is 85lbs, however reduce weight as needed.
Box jumps- sub with a low box or change to weighted step ups (light to moderate weight)

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