5-31-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower

5-31-21 MONDAY Max Effort Lower

Today is a lot of work, break up into 2 workouts if needed

Main Work

  • Anderson Squat 3x1x90%+
Work up to 3 singles at 90% or above

    rep scheme 5x5, 3x3, 3x1
  • Squats 3x6x65%
  • Goodmornings 3x6-8 moderate

Auxiliary work
Training note: do a warm up set or two to find the weight that challenges you but you can still keep going. The goal today is to complete the auxiliary work with "little rest".

  • DB goblet sissy squat 2x15 moderate/heavy weight
elevate heels on a plate with narrow stance
  • Banded hamstring curls 2x50-60
  • Hanging leg raises 3x10 
slow & controlled
    sub with knee raises or leg lowers on floor, if needed
  • Superset the following with little rest:
    3 rounds of:
    20 kb swings
    10 box jumps
substitute kb swings with kb deadlifts if needed

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