5-30-19 Lower Body Volume

  • Box Squats 5x5x60% + 25% band tension *if you don't have bands or chains for accommodating resistance use 85% bar weight. **If your speed slows down move to lower reps of 2-3 to complete 25 reps
  • Rack Pull 5x5 *add weight if possible from last cycle - if your just joining or didn't record your weight, complete reps at a moderate weight that you can complete all reps with excellent form **MAKE SURE to record weight for next cycle
  • Bulgarian Split Squats 3x6 (each side)
  • Banded glute kick backs 3x20 (each side)

Then 5 rounds of tabata 20 secs work/10 secs rest of:

  • DB thrusters
  • KB swings

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