5-25-21 TUESDAY upper body

5-25-21 TUESDAY upper body

For those competing and testing maxes. This is your last workout. REST now through comp day or max effort day. I'll have a post to come soon for those testing maxes at home. You'll submit your videos through this post. Stay tuned.

db shoulder press 1x20
lat pulldowns 1x20
hammer curls 1x20
band tris 1x50
sled 10 min


Susie & Diane

Main work

  • Bench 6x6
    Find a weight that you can get through all sets and reps. We'll increase weight next week
  • Incline DB bench 3x6-8 heavy, drop weight 1x"max reps"
    take a warm up set to prime muscles
  • DB lateral side raises 5x10-12
  • DB hammer curls 3x10-12
  • Lat pull down 5x10-12

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