5-25-20 Max Effort lower body

Main work

  • Back squat 3x5x70%, 3x3x80%, 3x3x90% +AMRAP
    If you feel strong go for the amrap on your last set. If things feel heavy, skip it.

Auxiliary work

  • Goodmornings 4x6-8
    banded if possible
  • DB weighted step ups 4-6 each side

Garage Gym "Diane"

  • tabata KB deadlifts
  • tabata hollow body hold
  • tabata kb swings
  • tabata superman

Complete 8 rounds tabata 20 secs work/10 secs work of each movement. Stay on one movement for 8 rounds before moving onto the next.

Training notes:
hollowbody holds: sub leg lowers or sit ups if needed

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