5-23-19 volume lower body

  • Box squat 5x5x55% + 25% band tension *if you don’t have bands for accommodating resistance use 80% of your box squat. **If reps slow down do 12x2 instead of 5x5 to keep speed ***as always reduce weight if needed 
  • sumo deadlifts 5x5 *add weight from our last cycle if possible - if your just joining us, keep weight at something that moves really well with excellent form and record your weight for the next cycle 
  • banded DB squats 4x20 *attach band to rack or heavy dumbbell placed on the floor, step out to create resisted and keep band at hips as you squat
  • Single arm DB overhead lunges 4x6 (each side) 
  • Lying bridge thrusters 3x30
  • banded glute kickbacks 3x20 (each side) 

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