5-21-20 Lower body volume

Main work

  • Box squat - below parallel 12x2x50% + 25% band or chain tension
    if you don't have access to bands or chains, sub with 12x2x75% straight bar weight
  • Deadlifts 10x2x60% +20% band or chain weight
    if you don't have bands or chains, sub with 10x2x80%

Auxiliary work

  • Bulgarian split squat 4x6 each side
  • reverse hyper 4x15-20
  • calf raises 4x30

Garage Gym "Booty"
complete 4 rounds tabata 20 secs work/10 secs rest of:

  • banded glute thrusters
  • banded fire hydrant- right side
  • banded fire hydrant- left side
  • jumping lunges

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