5-15-19 conditioning

  • Banded overhead tricep extentions 4x20 - click here
  • Banded shoulder side raises 4x15 *each side -click here
  • Banded reverse grip tricep push down 4x20


  • 3x10 box jumps
  • 3x150feet farmer carry @40% of your deadlift each hand (reduce weight if needed)

*Note- go immediately from box jumps to farmer carries, then rest well between rounds


Workout A

4 rounds of 30 secs work/ 15 secs rest

  • rowing
  • alternating DB snatch
  • plank holds

Workout B

4 rounds of 30 secs work/ 15 secs rest

  • burpees
  • kipping pull up or ring row
  • sit ups *feel free to alternate with your favorite ab movement

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