5-11-20 Max Effort Monday

Main Work

  • Squats 3x5x60%, 3x3x70%, 3x3x80%
    on your last set do as many reps as possible at 80%

Auxiliary work

  • calf raises 3x20
  • reverse hypers 3x12-14
  • split squats w/front foot elevated 3x6 each side


Complete 5 rounds with no rest between rounds of:

  • 1 min DB deadlifts
  • 1 min sit ups

Training notes:
Choose a DB weight that is around 1/3 of your body weight (each hand) if possible. If you don't have adequate db weights use a light barbell. Example: bodyweight 180 /3= 60lbs each hand or 120 barbell weight

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