4-8-20 Max Effort upper body

Main work

  • Bench press-  work up to a 1 rep max (1) board press
  • then, do 3x3x 95-100% (2) board press
    *if you don't have anything you can use as a board, roll a yoga mat or piece of carpet to place on your chest. The sets of 3x3 are done at 95-100% of whatever 1rm you got today but do it with 2 boards vs 1 board.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE A BAR- substitute this with 5 rounds tabata 20/10 of:

  • DB floor press
  • DB high pulls
  • DB bicep curls

DB & banded Auxiliary work
Complete 4 rounds of the following:

  • 12 Banded wide lat pull downs
  • 30 secs Straight arm band pull downs
  • 12 DB lateral side raises
  • 30 secs Banded side raises
  • 12 DB pull overs

Banded lat pull downs & straight arm pull downs- if you don't have access to enough band tension to make this movement feel like you're working, substitute it with DB bent over rows.
Banded side raises: you may not have a "light" enough band for these, substitute these with light db's that you can keep going for 30 secs.

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