4-24-20 Lower Body

4-24-20 Lower Body

Main Work

  • Box squats - below parallel 4x6x60%
  • Goodmornings 4x6-8 *banded if possible

Auxiliary work
Complete 5 rounds with as little rest as possible of:

  • 6 weighted box step ups 25lb each hand
  • 2 min backward walk sled drag
  • 6 stiff leg deadlifts @ 50% of your 1 rep max

Training notes:
Sled- if you don't have a sled, can you find something to drag like a punching bag? If needed, substitute this movement with 100 banded walks (mix between forward & backward walks)

Stiff leg deadlifts- If you don't have a 1 rep max for a stiff leg deadlift, use your regular deadlift max just lower percentage to 50% if needed. If you're working with DB only, use the heaviest weights you have (unless it's over your percentage)

The weights are always just a suggestion. Use an appropriate and safe weight and lower if needed.

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