4-22-21 THURSDAY d/e lower

4-22-21 THURSDAY d/e lower

Main work

  • Axel bar or trap bar deadlifts 8x1 speed pulls @70%, minimal rest (should complete these in less than 15 min not counting warmup). If you don't have a specialty bar, do these with regular bar.  Your deadlift openers are next week so don't be stupid and go above percentages. These should move fast, lower weight if they are grinders.
  • sled 8 trips heavy, minimal rest
  • back raise 100 reps x body weight
  • Abs…a bunch
  • banded gms 200 reps
  • Reverse hyper 5x20

Susie & Courtney

(moderate effort...save for opener sqt next week)
CB box squat 5x5 (use a weight you could probably do 8reps with)
Rev hyper 5x12
45* back 5x12
Abs x bunch

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