4-20-21 TUESDAY d/e upper

4-20-21 TUESDAY d/e upper

Note- If you didn't get time to get your sled done- Tues, Wednesdays and Friday's are good days to use it as your warm up.

Main work

  • Bench wide grip 5x6 @ 65% pause last rep. Focus on flexing your lats to ‘launch’ the bar on the last rep
  • incline db press 3x8
  • db tri ext 5x10
  • lat pull down 6x15
  • side laterals 6x15
  • incline pushups on bar in powerrack 100 reps
  • Band triceps x 100
  • Band face pulls x100
  • EVERYDAY- add ab work, banded lat work, banded hamstring work even on upper body days

Susie, Diane & Courtney

d/e bench
db press 5x12
db tris 5x15
pulldowns 5x12
band tris 100
banded hamstrings curls 1x100
banded lats 1x100

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