4-15-21 THURSDAY d/e lower

4-15-21 THURSDAY d/e lower

Main work

  • Squat 3x5x80%
  • Deadlift 3x6x70%

Auxiliary work

  • Sled 5 "trips" with minimal rest between
  • Superset:
    • 5x6 back extension holding 45lb plate
    • 5x"lots" ab of choice

Workout #2

  • banded goodmornings or banded hamstring curls 1x200
  • reverse hyper 5x20


Susie, Diane & Courntey

squat 6x3x75%
deadlift 5x8 moderate
Rev hyper 3x20
45* back raise 3x12-15 with heavy med ball

5 trips moderate weight sled
45* back raise x15 after each trip
Band leg curls 100

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