3-6-20 Upper body volume

Warm up
2 rounds of:

  • 12 mini band pull aparts
  • 12 banded shoulder side raises
  • 12 banded bicep curls
  • 12 scap push ups or scap only pull up
  • push ups *warm up to these and choose reps that feel good to you

Main work

  • Bench 8x3
    Hopefully you've been logging your weights from our 5x5 volume from the last 4 weeks. Today's work is starting at your ending weight on the 5x5's. If you didn't log your weights, start at 70%
  • Strict press 5x5x70%

Log your weights because we're going to keep progressing on both of these movements

Auxiliary work

  • chain side raises 4x10-12
  • bent over reverse rear delt fly 4x10-12
  • bicep curls 4x10-12

end with mobility:

  • 2x30 secs sleeper stretch Here + 1x30 secs resisted sleeper stretch
  • 2x30 secs shoulder opener
  • yoga sequence- mountain pose- forward fold- up dog- down dog- lunge to quad stretch- swan pose- hamstring- twist


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