3-5-21 FRIDAY Max Effort Upper Body

3-5-21 FRIDAY Max Effort Upper Body

Main work

  • Close grip Bench 3x1
    Work up to 3 heavy singles or find a new max. The goal is not to find failure, but to grind. Once you find a weight that makes you grind, you can do that same weight again to have 3 heavy singles.
  • Wide grip Bench to 2 blocks 3x6x65-75% of your wide grip 1RM
  • Bamboo bar overhead complex 3x(3 presses + 1 (40) sec overhead hold)
    If you don't have access to a bamboo bar, substitute with 3x30-40secs bottoms up Kb hold

Auxiliary work
For auxiliary work the goal of this is to fatigue the muscle fibers. Take a warm up set if you need to pre fatigue and/or find the right working weight. Also another way to "fatigue" is to keep rest low between movements and sets.

  • Barbell overhead tricep extensions 3x10
  • Banded tricep pulldowns 3x20
  • 5 rounds with little or no rest of:
    • 20 barbell pushups
    • 10 landmine rows


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