3-26-21 FRIDAY Max Effort Upper

3-26-21 FRIDAY Max Effort Upper

Main Work

  • Competition Bench Press - Work up to a 3 rep max, THEN 85% for as many reps as possible.
  • Floor press 1x8- work up to a top set of 8
  • Barbell push press 5x5x75%

Auxiliary work

  • DB Tricep roll backs 4x10
  • Dips 4x"max reps"
  • Incline DB rear delt fly 3x20 LIGHT
  • DB skull crushers 1x100 total
    Break these up with rest to accumulate 100, but do not break up into sets with other movements. Stay on the skull crushers until you reach 100
  • Lat pull downs with light weight or banded pulls downs 1x100 total

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